Spring Flying May 20th

Hello Everyone

Recently, I have been reading a lot of correspondence from other clubs busy flying and enjoying their soaring season.  It is sure good to hear about all the activity and latest news from the Alberta Soaring Group.  The past week had some pretty spectacular soaring conditions especially around Grande Prairie.  On Monday a group of us finally were able to get together to launch some gliders.  Unfortunately the soaring conditions didn’t look like earlier in the week with the strong cu’s so we thought we would make the best of the day and just fly locally.  There seemed to be two air masses converging on the Grande Prairie area with overcast conditions.  Too my amazement there was lots of lift/sink.  We think there must have been some type of convergence.  Anyhow, it was sure lots of fun and a welcome site seeing sailplanes flying and getting some activity up here. We even drew some attention as there was a reporter that came to the field to write about our activities while we were putting our sailplanes together.

If you know anyone in the Grande Prairie area that may be interest in our club tell them to contact us.

Happy Soaring

Dwayne Doll



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