2013 Soaring Season Starts

Hello Everyone

Last weekend a couple of us from the Grande Prairie Club went down to Innisfail and joined the Central Alberta Gliding Club (CAGC) to get the 2013 soaring season started.  We started our adventure by getting up at 4:00am to start our 6+ hour drive down to their club.  Arriving at around 11:00am we witnessed quite a busy activity of glider pilots getting things ready for the start of the flying season.  It was a pleasure to be able to see some of our old friends and be able to meet some new glider pilots from their club.  Soon afterwards, we all got busy assembling there “Berkfalk” two-seat training glider.  In no time everything was ready to go and we all went flying for the day.  Everyone there was able to get two training flights in. Thanks to John Mulder and Drew Hammond!  Later in the evening a group of us were quite hungry (and sun burnt) went out on the town for supper. I have to admit by the end of the evening I was quite tired and welcomed my bed at our hotel.

Here are some photos of Saturdays flying and on the field


Sunday was another great day!  At the Red Deer airport we went to a fly-in breakfast hosted by the Red Deer Flying Club.  We saw many different types of aircraft flying in for the event.  I even saw Buffalo Joe and his son participating there.  Later in the day we all gathered at the flying field and got things ready for some winch flying.

Here is photos of the day events



I want to express our thanks to the folks at the Central Alberta Gliding Club for their wonderful hospitality and for being so accommodating to help us with our spring check flights.  Les and myself got in 4 flights each for the weekend and talked about how much fun we had all the way home!

If you are interested in learning to soar or are interested in maybe getting a ride in a sailplane I highly recommend you check out the CAGC club  Here is a link to their website for more information   http://www.cagcsoaring.ca/  


Happy Soaring,



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