Tim Wood – Canadian Soaring Record Holder

Hello Everyone

This fall I had the privilege to meet a fellow Canadian Glider Pilot at the Fall Cowley Wave Camp. His name is Tim Wood from the York Soaring Club, Arthur, Ontario. He should have been on the front page of Maclean’s Magazine for Glider Pilot of The Year, but they never ran that issue. Lol

Anyhow, when I met Tim it is evident that he is an enthusiastic pilot with lots of experience. This year he broke some Canadian Gliding 100 km Records at Cowley and wrote an article on this feat in the Soaring Association “Free Flight”.

Recently I came upon soaring videos on the internet that he has posted on Vimeo that should get some exposure. If you are interested in soaring, Tim has an assorment of videos that show some of his flights and have an instructional component to them. Very entertaining and worthwhile watching.

Check them out

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His Videos are here on Vimeo




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